Chris Byrne

Vice President @ Workday

Chris Byrne, Senior Vice President, Global Operations

Chris Byrne is Senior Vice President, Global Operations, at Workday. In this role, Chris is responsible for managing global product and technology programs, leading our European development centre, and for customer support and satisfaction.

Since joining Workday in 2006 as one of the first 50 Workday employees, Chris has led several business functions at Workday including quality assurance,  data centre operations, and the Workday Customer Community web site.

Chris has been based in Europe for half of her Workday tenure and as a senior leader based in Ireland has grown our Dublin development centre to over 800 employees.  In 2015, Chris opened our New Zealand support centre to complete the global support organization.  In 2018, Chris was recognized as Most Trusted Leader by Great Place to Work Ireland.

Prior to Workday, Chris was vice president at PeopleSoft responsible for the products and technology program management office, after a development manager role in the Technology group.

Chris holds a bachelor of science in computer science and mathematics from the University of Louisville Kentucky.


Working around the World

Creating an engaged and diverse company culture in one building in one city is not an easy challenge.  As a company scales and reaches the global presence its founders could only dream of, the challenges compound.

Workday focuses on creating solutions in the cloud and believes our investment in an authentic company culture can only help us to enable innovative thinking increase employee engagement and ultimately improve customer satisfaction.  From Silicon Valley to offices around the globe, we will share how we hold the core values of our founders and create inspiring places to work in cities around the world.