Andrea Montuschi

Shareholder, Partner and Board President @ Great Place To Work Italy

Andrea Montuschi, Shareholder, Partner and Board President of Great Place to Work Italy

Andrea is a shareholder, partner and Board President of Great Place to Work Italy. With over 20 years of experience in the field of HR consulting and organisational climate, Andrea’s main areas of expertise revolve around measurement tools (survey design, management and interpretation) and consulting (qualitative in-depth analysis and action planning).

He spent the first years of his career between London and Paris, moving back to his home country, Italy, in 2003.

Over the last decade Andrea has cultivated an interest for creativity and innovation, becoming an experienced creative facilitator of Creative Problem Solving and Lego® Serious Play®, among other techniques. The combination of creativity and his passion for theatre (he’s an improviser with a clowning and miming background) make Andrea an energetic and engaging presenter.